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Forum Home » sexuality » My dream last night!

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Author: Parthena Subject: My dream last night!

Posts: 57
Registered: 07-07-2007
Location: Greece

posted on 12-21-2007 at 23:14 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
My dream last night!

I had a dream last night which I had to share with everyone here. It was one of those amazing eye-openers that you never forget. For all those who are hoping for some X factor, sorry, it wasn't that kind of dream. Move on.

Anyway, here's what happened: I was talking to someone, or rather, somebody was speaking through ME. It was weird, as if I was possessed. But all this knowledge just started flowing through me and I felt very wise and very in touch with the forces of nature. I was given a sudden glimpse into the mind of God. I heard someone (me perhaps) saying something like: When you were conceived, millions of sperm were desperately fighting for the chance to fertilise your mother's egg. The competition was enormous - millions trying for only one prize. That prize would go to the fastest-swimming, strongest, most resilient, most resourceful, healthiest and best-penetrating sperm. In other words, the sperm with the best possible combination of genes and overall health. So YOU are the best person you could possibly be because you weren't conceived out of accident; it was through a major contest of skill and strength that had millions of participants and only ONE victorious winner, that YOU were made.

Think of the Olympic Games: only a few hundred participants take part in the largest contests and we treat the winners like kings for their whole lives. How much more should we revere the one who has come first out of MILLIONS? The one sperm that made YOU?

So I wanted to share this with everyone because it was hit home very powerfully in my dream that I am special and the best person I can be and there is a lot of meaning in what I am. And I want you to read this because you are the same; you are the best creation you could possibly be and there is a lot of meaning in what you are. Everytime anyone, even your own mind, tries to convince you you're worthless, they're LYING. So don't forget to shout the truth at those times: I am not worthless. I am the result of a glorious victory and a miracle that took place before I was even born. And now that I have been born, there is NOTHING that I cannot do.

Believe it; because I don't dream crap.
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